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    Aqua Global System

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    Products For Water Purification
    Products For Water Purification
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    The company is supported by a large team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, who have wide knowledge of this business sphere. Our Company's speciality is we replace the defected spare parts instead of rectifying it

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Welcome to Aqua Global System

We do sales and services of our Aqua Global System RO water purifier product throughout Tamil Nadu. Our product is widely used in Houses, Schools, Colleges, Corporate Companies, Hospitals and in all Commercial sectors. Getting purified water seems very hard now a day in Chennai, to overcome from this situation we offer affordable services in domestic and semi-commercial water purification systems which give us 0% bacteria and 100% hygienic drinking water which is most essential in day to day life. Aqua Global System reputation has been built on 100% customer satisfaction with its unique products, easy installation, periodic maintenance, enhanced on-time after-sales-service.

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Our Products

Our products Domestic Ro water purifier with UV+UF Commercial Ro plant, iron removal, and softener